We’ll train you and your team on all the SEO basics whilst we’re designing and implementing your SEO campaign. It’s the most hands-on training we know. And unlike training on its own, you’ll get results faster. We call it: “train-as-you-go-SEO”; perfect for small businesses and big teams alike.

We don’t just do SEO for businesses, we do it with them.

We love designing and running SEO campaigns for businesses. But not every business needs to or should be outsourcing their SEO to an agency wholesale. Many small businesses get much better value from taking at least part of their SEO in-house.

In our experience, the problem with insourcing SEO is that this isn’t always a full-time role and few businesses have the resources to hire a trained full-time SEO professional. The good news is they don’t really have to.

By learning some of the SEO fundamentals yourself or getting someone on your team who is already doing some of your marketing to take an SEO training course, your business can run a successful campaign with only some support outsourced to an SEO expert.

Hands-on SEO training with tangible outcomes

The frustrating thing about a lot of SEO training is that it takes time to learn the theory and then apply it to your own website. You’ll also have to adapt the general theory to your very specific business context. Doing that well takes experience you may not yet have. All of this doesn’t necessarily make the training bad, it just makes it a less than ideal solution for businesses with targets that need to be met quickly.

Our {SEO Campaigns & Training} package lets you get on with the SEO immediately. And because we share your passion for quantifying things, we’ve ensured there are measurable outcomes at every milestone in the process.

I like the sound of that. How does it work?

1. Getting to understand your needs

After you’ve filled in our form (below), we’ll follow up with a phone meeting to ensure we really understand your needs and expectations.

2. Audit

We’ll then assess your website’s health to determine what the priorities should be for the campaign that we’ll be implementing with you. The audit is payable upfront but will be discounted from the campaign fee if you decide to go ahead.

3. Course outline

Based on the audit we will present you with a proposed course outline for the duration you’ve specified. Each stage is designed to have both a clear implementation and training element with tangible outcomes. Once you are happy with the proposed work, we will take the first monthly payment and begin the course.

4. SEO training & implementation

We'll begin to guide you through implementing the campaign. We’ll also work with you to show you how to monitor and record outcomes.

5. Checkins and support

We’ll be checking in on you and your team on a weekly basis.

I love this, sign me up!

Fill in our “train-as-you-go SEO” request at the bottom of this page and we’ll give you a ring to chat.

Or send us an email now.

Hang on, I have more questions!

Who’s got the time for SEO training courses?

As a small business owner or team running a small business, we know you’re swamped. Don’t panic. You or your team won’t have to block out big chunks of precious company time to arrange to come to training sessions or book out meeting rooms for us to come to you.

This is the digital era, we have excellent time-saving tools at our disposal! As enthusiastic optimisers in general, we’ve also optimised our training courses to give you the most value in the least time-consuming way.

Your training sessions are document into tutorials with accompanying videos (each session is unique for your business, using your data and your website to demonstrate and explain concepts) and then sent to you so you and your team can watch, learn, implement and re-watch as you need to.

Can we give it a trial run?

We’re not big fans of complicated contracts. But we should emphasise that SEO, both the learning and the doing, takes time. That’s why we ask our SEO training clients to commit to a minimum of two months. After that, you can leave any time you like.

If you stay for four or more months we’ll discount the cost of the initial audit against the fourth month’s payment.

Aren’t you putting yourself out of business with this type of SEO training?

Awww, thanks for caring. But rest assured, we’re not shooting ourselves in the foot. Digital marketing is developing at an eye-watering speed and though we teach you as much as we know, there’s always more to learn.

We really believe the best value for agencies like us and businesses like you is for you to get on with the daily SEO activities while we support with the tricky stuff. Many of our SEO training clients keep us on as consultants and take refresher courses when they feel it’s time to catch up on the latest.

I want something a little less hands-on.

We also run comprehensive, tailor-made SEO campaigns for our clients. Get in touch and we’ll discuss.

Or see our SEO consulting page to find out how we work with marketing teams. 

Train-as-you-go-SEO enquiry

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Or if forms frighten you, send us an email at hello@bothbirds.co.uk. We will get back to you within 24 hours on weekdays, often much sooner.


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