At Both Birds we’re passionate about tackling as many digital marketing challenges at one time as possible. It’s why our websites are designed to work well with search from the outset, our SEO training will have you running your own campaign from the first lesson and our SEO audits all come with a clear plan of action to get your website in top shape.


Website Design & SEO one convenient package


Websites that don’t just look great to users, Google loves them too.

Did you know that websites are not necessarily optimised for search engines from the outset? Getting search engine optimisation (SEO) for a finished site can be complicated and costly. That’s why we start by building a search engine-friendly framework for your site before we design and build it. That’s double the value for the price you’d normally spend on website design alone.


SEO Campaigns & Training a single step


Hands-on SEO training designed to deliver results with every session.

We think the best way to learn is by doing. That’s why our training is built into a fully-fledged SEO campaign, designed for your site and implemented as we teach. With our support you (or your team) will be involved in running your own SEO campaign from the first training session. Our courses are designed specifically for the unique needs of every business we work with which means you’re immediately introduced to relevant theory and skills and all demos and examples are done on your site, not a hypothetical one. Each session is designed to have tangible outcomes, so you’ll see value from the start.


SEO Audits & Action Plans

...with one swoop


Audits that don’t just tell you what’s wrong but also how to fix it.

Audits are a great way of assessing the overall health of a website. That’s why they should be the starting point for any SEO campaign or website redesign. But on their own they can be terrifying, pointing to all your website’s weak spots without any clear sense of which the worst issues are or where you should start to fix them. Our audits are designed to eliminate that uncertainty, giving you a clear plan of action to get your site in the best possible health whilst staying within your budget.

Tailored SEO Consulting

Because every business faces unique online challenges

We work with small and large businesses consulting on all aspects of SEO. Whether you have a one-off enquiry or need an experienced SEO team to check in with yours on a regular basis, we just love sharing our knowledge and experience in any way we can.