Nothing makes us happier than being able to solve more than one marketing problem at a time. It started with a love of search engine optimisation but it wasn’t long until we were optimising the SEO process itself, designing SEO solutions that would fit small business budgets. Then we turned our attention to making the web production process as a whole a lot more efficient…

The Both Birds Philosophy

We're always optimising.

Whilst Both Birds is a new company, we’re all old hands at SEO and web production. And we’ve been lifelong optimisers before that.

We fell in love with SEO over 5 years ago, fascinated by the multi-disciplinary challenge it poses to align marketing strategy, code and content in the most effective and efficient way.

Working with both small businesses and large ones we quickly realised that there was no one-size-fits-all SEO. Some businesses had lavish budgets that allowed for long-term link building campaigns; others could only afford consultation fees and would get much better value if they implemented most of the work themselves.

So our attention turned to not just optimising websites, but optimising the SEO process itself to deliver the best value to our clients. We started developing SEO campaigns that had training built into them so teams would be able to run their own SEO with our support. It was two birds with one SEO campaign!

It didn’t take us long to extend our love of optimisation to the web design process itself. Having repeatedly worked with clients who spent considerable resources on a website only to have to spend more to get it optimised for search afterwards, we knew we needed to find a way of building SEO into the website production process in a way that would save clients money and satisfy our pursuit of efficiency.

Working with us

We’re proud to call ourselves digital nomads, which means you won’t find us in a traditional office. It does mean we are nearly always online in some form, so arranging a video call or a chat is a breeze.

If you’re based near London, we’re always happy to come to you for a meeting.


Featured Services


Website Design & SEO one convenient package

Websites that don’t just look great to users, Google loves them too.

SEO Campaigns & Training a single step

Hands-on SEO campaigns designed to train your team to run their own SEO.